Interview with SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles
Written by Stephen Ashfield   
Friday, 25 March 2011 19:02

The SHIMMER tapings begin tomorrow and the big question is will the SHIMMER title belt be leaving the States again once the tapings are over.  If current champion Australia's Madison Eagles has her way the belt will be on its way back to Oz.  Here's our exclusive interview with Madison as she looks ahead to the tapings, talks about her main title challengers and how important winning the belt was to Australian women's wrestling.     The full interview will be in the next edition of 'Fighting Females.

Cheerleader Melissa is sure to be gunning for you at the upcoming tapings, especially after shall we say your rather controversial victory over her on Volume 30 to earn your title shot. How big a threat will Melissa be and could it be a case of forever watching your back at the tapings?

Everyone is a threat when your at the top. Look at me, I was a HUGE underdog going into my match with MsChif on SHIMMER Vol 31, but i came out with the belt and a huge new amount of talented wrestlers coming for it. Melissa is right near the top of the mountain and she has the entire crowd behind her, and just because she thinks she was cheated out of her title shot on SHIMMER Vol 30 doesn’t make me have any sympathy at all for her. Looking back i’m sure she would have done the same if it meant the difference between having the gold around her waist or getting knocked back to the bottom of the pile.

 How important was it for the Australian women’s wrestling scene to see you go to the States and take home such a prestigious title?

 It was a huge step not only for the women of Australia, but the Men as well. You can count how many Australians have made ripples (good ones) in the Wrestling waters overseas on one hand, so winning the belt was a big thing for every wrestler in Australia, especially all the hard working women there. I come from a small community of wrestlers, so representing all of them every time i have that belt around my waist is a huge thing for me.

 Such is the strength of the SHIMMER roster it seems like there’s just one contender after another who could take the title from you. How tough is it going to be to keep hold of that belt?

The hardest part is by far the depth of the SHIMMER roster. I like to know the styles and signature moves of the wrestlers i am about to get in the ring with, but the sheer number of awesome talent in that locker room makes it hard to keep track of everyone. But I am holding onto the SHIMMER belt with everything i have got. All the women there know i will fight claw, tooth and nail to stop anyone in their tracks from trying to take it from me.


Our SHIMMER coverage continues on Saturday as we interview Sweet Saraya 







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