Britani Knight talks about making her debut in SHIMMER
Written by Stephen Ashfield   
Friday, 25 March 2011 15:46

For many it's something that's long overdue but finally this weekend Britani Knight makes her debut in the States when she appears at the latest SHIMMER tapings.   Having won a series of titles throughout Europe, Britani makes her SHIMMER debut alongside her mother Sweet Saraya.  Here Britani exclusively tells 'Fighting Females' how important this weekend is for her career.

How excited were you when you found out that you were to make your debut for SHIMMER this month?

I was so excited, I've always wanted to work for SHIMMER since I first started and now I have the opportunity I am so ecstatic and honoured to do so! Can't wait!

There's been talk for a while now of you making your debut for a major company overseas, how big a breakthrough is this for you and do you hope this will lead to bigger things, i.e. TNA or WWE?

Oh it's a huge breakthrough! SHIMMER and WWE are the two companies I've always wanted to work for. I'm finally doing one and hopefully it does lead to bigger things!

What's your opinions of SHIMMER as a promotion?
It's full of not only beautiful but actual talented, hard hitting women and I'm glad that there is this company to showcase such talents.

Word is you may be teaming with your mother to face the Canadian Ninjas, how tough do you see them as opponents?
Nothing's too tough for the Knight girls ;)  I look forward to working them, they are great talents.

More from Britani in the next edition of 'Fighting Females' as she looks ahead to the next Pro Wrestling: EVE show and her ambition to become the first EVE Champion. 


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